Characteristics and requirements of a sport fashion bikini

Especially in the warmer season, a garment economy: The bikini has long since been worn exclusively on the beach. He comes rather always used where a lot of skin may be shown. Approximately during sports. For the increased demands caused by the movement, the sport bikini were developed.

Not only in summer fashion

As the normal bikini, so is the sporty variant with two elements. On the one hand it consists of the pants that the genital area covered, on the other hand from the top that covers the chest and in rare cases, a part of the shoulders. Such models are therefore not a modern invention, but were known without major deviations in ancient times. But such progress has been implemented only in recent years, which authorized the use of bikinis while playing sports. Previously, it was then a part of the annoying and sometimes embarrassing moments if the already tight pants slipped in a little too much movement. Volleyball, jogging running on the beach or the gym succeed now, thanks to the sports bikinis and it is effortless.

A perfect match

The first advantage of such models are already in its almost tailor-made form. The pants and the top part nestle closely to the body and preserve their headquarters there are always Slippage is so rarely you don`t even have to worry about. Moreover, even during complex movements always have the legs and arms full freedom. The wearer can thus their full sporting potential of having to learn without interference. The functionality was therefore significantly increased in comparison to a conventional bikini wearing comfort even in difficult situations could be increased. Therefore Particularly high-quality copies act like a second skin.

Special features of the upper part

Basically, the sports bikini is somewhat scarce made​​, as is the case in normal bikini. Deviations from this premise, however, are at the upper part visible. The carrier, which lie on the shoulders are cut slightly wider as a rule. You thus have a larger contact area and can hardly slip on the skin.